Microbiology research free microbiology newsletter search our entire network: home articles news jobs free journals links forum labs & rankings our websites contact us advertise   j urol (1990) 143: 83-5. buy viagra online Augmentation enterocystoplasty for the management of voiding dysfunction in spinal cord injury patients. Aa sidi, ef becher, pk reddy, dd dykstra a total of 12 spinal cord injury adults underwent augmentation enterocystoplasty for treatment of a high pressure neurogenic bladder. These patients suffered from urinary incontinence, recurrent urinary tract infection, upper tract deterioration and severe autonomic dysreflexia. A sigmoid colon segment fashioned into a cup-patch was used in 11 patients and detubularized cecum was used in 1. The artificial urinary sphincter was implanted in 3 patients at augmentation enterocystoplasty and in 1 after enterocystoplasty. After a mean followup of 15 months all patients were continent on clean intermittent self-catheterization, the upper tract had remained stable or had improved and the symptoms of autonomic dysreflexia had disappeared. results women using viagra A third of the patients are on maintenance antibiotic therapy to control bacteriuria. [pubmed record - new window] | [full text - new window] browse microbiology articles via key phrases: enterocystoplasty, tract, continent, followup, symptoms, autonomic dysreflexia, antibiotic therapy, third, implanted, urinary sphincter, tract deterioration, suffered, sigmoid colon, fashioned, detubularized cecum, cup-patch, 12 spinal cord injury adults, browse via subject heading: colon, sigmoid spinal cord injuries urinary bladder urinary bladder, neurogenic urinary diversion urinary incontinence copyright © 2004-2010 icmg ltd. Medical literature citations were obtained from the national center for biotechnology information. order viagra Protein database information was obtained from the european bioinformatics institute. Privacy policy | contact us. Ement after spinal cord injury. Spinal cord 2012. Coggrave mj, norton c. The need for manual evacuation and oral laxatives in the management of neurogenic bowel dysfunction after spinal cord injury: a randomized controlled trial of a stepwise protocol. viagra vs viagra for women Spinal cord 2010; 48: 504-510. Cosman bc, vu tt. cheap quality viagra Lidocaine anal block limits autonomic dysreflexia during anorectal procedures in spinal cord injury: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Diseases of the colon and rectum 2005; 48: 1556-1561. Creasey gh, grill jh, korsten m, u hs, betz r, anderson r et al. generic viagra An implantable neuroprosthesis for restoring bladder and bowel control to patients with spinal cord injuries: a multicenter trial. viagra without a dosctor prescription Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 2001; 82: 1512-1519. viagra soft kaufen Delisa ja, kirshblum s. viagra soft kaufen A review: frustrations and needs in clinical care of spinal cord injury patients.. viagra pills canada viagra soft kaufen