Commonly. Facial numbness and facial weakness can be present though uncommon. Other feature includes dizziness, sleepiness, and pain in the ear. Most of acoustic neuromas grow from schwann cells of vestibulocochlear nerve, more from its vestibular portion. Small amount of tumors also arise from the cochlear part of the vestibulocochlear nerve. overnight viagra Acoustic neuroma can have very slow growth or no growth at all. It can also show fast growth. Sometimes as result of this fast growth, acoustic neuroma outgrows the vascular supply and ends up with cystic degeneration. viagra no prescription paypal Now they show significant enlargement due to the cystic component’s expansion. This in turn can compress vestibular fibers. A minority of patient suffers vertigo or disequilibrium due to slow destruction of the vestibular fibers. viagra or viagra which is stronger After filling the internal auditory canal it grows by extending in the cerebellopontine angle.   symptoms of acoustic neuroma are produced mainly by a) pressure on spinal fluid space and sometimes their distortion b) brain stem is sometimes displaced c) the blood vessels are sometimes compressed to produce infarction or ischemia d) nerves are also sometimes get compressed or attenuated. viagra Acoustic neuromas arising from the internal auditory canal produce early symptoms like hearing loss or vestibular disturbances. This is mainly because of the compression of the cochlear or vestibular nerve or even labyrinthine artery against the bony wall. As acoustic neuromas grow it exert pressure on brain stem compressing and sometimes displacing the brain stem. It also can cause facial hyperthesia due to compression of the trigeminal nerve. Rarely with the continual growth hydrocephalus can occur due to effacement of aqueduct and fourth ventricle.     complications of disease complication of disease  injuries to artery cerebellar injuries are also less now a days. viagra or viagra which is stronger Facial paralysis or facial weakness. This complication was initially invariably present but now it is hugely reduced. Meningitis mild hydrocephalus can occur. viagra for sale It is mostly only transient. viagra prescription information Complication of surgical treatment  translabyrinthine approach is contraindicated in those suffering from chronic otitis media. When the acoustic neuroma is in the internal auditory canal of the o.