Quick search browse pages blog labels attachments bookmarks mail advanced activity confluence gadgets log in dashboard test facilities department … home e163 electron beam set linac phase tools attachments (0) page history e-mail restrictions info link to this page… view wiki markup set linac phase page restrictions apply added by peralta jr. buy cheap viagra online australia , edgar armando, last edited by peralta jr. viagra discount , edgar armando on aug 09, 2012  (view change) comment: 4) check beam energy and phase of the linac: adjusting the beam phase and energy can be done by ampl126 and ampl38 which hare located: e163 index panel==>stn0 contrl panel==>stn0 phase amp126 / index stn0 atten ampl38 use the prof790 on channel 2 to look at the beam spot while you're tweaking phase and energy. You can insert this monitor from: e163 index panel==>chicane part 1 panel==>prof 0790 chan 2 + prof diagnostic ==>target insert + camera on + video enable while looking at the beam on channel 2, focus the beam using phase amp126 and tweak the ampl 38 to change the energy. is viagra available over the counter in thailand As you tweak ampl38, the right most position of the beam on the screen corresponds to highest energy where the bpms 710 to 900 show positive values. The most common scenario for the run is to have the beam as focused as possible on the screen using ampl38 while adjust the energy by apml126 such that the bpms 710 to 900 show zero readings. Also there might be a mark on the screen from previous days for the optimum energy of the beam and you may just want to focused the beam on that marker position (if there is any). buy viagra cheap online uk After adjusting beam energy and phase, remove prof790 by clicking on target remove labels parameters labels enter labels to add to this page:   looking for a label? Just start typing. buycheapviagraforsaleonlinepharmacy.accountant Atlassian confluence 3. 2. 1_01, the enterprise wiki: intranet software for documentation and knowledge management printed by atlassian confluence 3. viagra side effects ear ringing 2. 1_01, the enterprise wiki. http://viagraforsalegenerictabletsonline.accountant   |  report a bug  |  atlassian news. buy generic viagra online To read a sequence of postings to the forum and its threads all in one page. http://cheapviagraforsaleusaonline.accountant If you are o. buy viagra cheap online uk buy viagra cheap online uk