Loading home > 2007 icd-9-cm diagnosis codes > neoplasms 140-239 > neoplasms of uncertain behavior 235-238 > neoplasm of uncertain behavior of other and unspecified sites and tissues 238- 2007 icd-9-cm diagnosis code 238. 71 essential thrombocythemia clinical syndrome characterized by repeated spontaneous hemorrhages and a remarkable increase in the number of circulating platelets. An increased number of thrombocytes (platelets) in the blood, without a known cause. A chronic myeloproliferative disorder that involves primarily the megakaryocytic lineage. It is characterized by sustained thrombocytosis in the blood, increased numbers of large, mature megakaryocytes in the bone marrow, and episodes of thrombosis and/or hemorrhage. Use viagra 50 mg The cause is unknown. canadian pharmacy viagra no prescription Median survival times of 10-15 years are commonly reported. viagra without prescription online usa (who, 2001) short description: essntial thrombocythemia. Icd-9-cm 238. 71 is a billable medical code that can be used to specify a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim. buy viagra You are viewing the 2007 version of icd-9-cm 238. 71. buy generic viagra canada More recent version(s) of icd-9-cm 238. viagra viagra viagra best 71: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012. Genuine viagra uk suppliers Applies to essential hemorrhagic thrombocythemiaessential thrombocytosisidiopathic (hemorrhagic) thrombocythemiaprimary thrombocytosis convert 238. 71 to icd-10-cm icd-9-cm 238. buy generic viagra 71 converts approximately to: 2012 icd-10-cm d47. 3 essential (hemorrhagic) thrombocythemia icd-9-cm volume 2 index entries containing back-references to 238. 71: hemorrhage, hemorrhagic (nontraumatic) 459. buy viagra 0 thrombocythemia 238. minimum age use viagra 71 thrombocythemia (primary) (m9962/1) 238. canadian pharmacy viagra no prescription 71 essential 238. canadian pharmacy viagra no prescription 71 hemorrhagic 238. viagra kaufen europa 71 idiopathic (hemorrhagic) (m9962/1) 238. 71 thrombocytosis 238. cheap viagra on line 71 essential 238. buy viagra canada 71 primary 238. 71  238. viagra wholesale india 7 icd9data. Com 238. 72  icd-9-cm codes are used in medical billing and coding to describe diseases, injuries, symptoms and conditions. jalea real viagra natural Icd-9-cm 238. 71 is one of thousands of icd-9-cm codes used in healthcare. Although icd-9-cm and cpt codes are largely numeric, they differ in that cpt codes describe medical procedures and services. viagra for sale Can't find a code? viagra for sale Start at the root of icd-9-cm, check the 2007 icd-9-cm index or use the search engine at the top of this page to lookup any code. cheap viagra online Free 2012 icd-9-cm codes 2012 icd-9-cm diagnosis codes · index new, deleted, revised diagnosis codes convert 2012 icd-9-cm to. Buy cheap viagra sydney much will viagra cost goes generic
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